Spark Title Insurance for Peace of Mind


What Is Title Insurance and Why It Matters

Not every property transaction is the same. Some properties have title defects that could end up costing you. For that reason, Spark Title offers title insurance to protect your interest in your new home or property.

Unfortunately, every time a property changes hands, there is a risk that old liens, levies, claims or interests could surface from past property owners, government entities, lenders or creditors, even contractors who were never paid. These rights and claims do not dissolve when the property is sold. They stay with the property, even when the new owner has no knowledge of their existence.

Have Confidence Your Property Is Actually Yours

Spark Title Insurance does a title search to examine public records for a history of your property’s ownership and any outstanding liens or monetary obligations.

While Spark Title attempts to discover potential issues with your title, some problems are unforeseeable. Fraudulent activity by previous owners, mistakes in recording the legal documents or undisclosed inheritances are just a few of the scenarios that make acquiring title insurance coverage so important.

Spark Title covers your investments with title insurance that gives you peace of mind.